Freshmen Struggles

It has been few weeks since college started and honestly, it hasn’t sunk in my mind that I am in college now. Furthermore, despite of being a good student back in high school. I had to make a lot of adjustments right now. These things are the struggles I have been facing for a while.

Time management. Although I have a good time management system(atleast I could say), there are still problems rising no matter how hard I try to organize my time. I had to pull many all nighters to get things done and most probably, I’ll be sleepy in the morning class. And living in a dorm, I can’t allot all my time for academics.

Finances. Yeah, finances… It was a lot harder than what I thought. I can be a thrifty person whenever I have to but right now, budgeting is hardly applicable. Basing it on my course(architecture) , I have to allot a big part of my allowance for the tools needed. But then, there’ll be immediate needs to be bought suddenly and my budgeting will be like nothing.

Courage. I have mixed emotions about this one. Part of me laughs at myself and part of me shames myself.  Just like what they say, “Someone is better than you at college”, there were times I lose hope even when I am just starting college. Sometimes, I do feel like the dumbest person in the world. And with these hurtful things, I just tell to myself that it won’t be the same in future. It’ll all pass and it will get better.

These are the three major struggles I’ve been facing but I know I just gotta be strong. I just gotta fight my way through and believe.


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