Let me get back to my highschool days…

As a college student, I sometimes wish that I could go back in time and live as a high school student again. I often regret those nights when I chose to sleep late even though I can have a 9 hours sleep. I even miss the times where I can prepare for an exam even I crammed all night. And my time management system where I don’t even make a list, I just list it in my head. Our lessons were easier and sometimes, I don’t even review for a test. Yeah…. easy times…..
Compared to my college life, it’s a big change to things I was accustomed of. The diversity of students in a university shocked me. The academic system changed and cramming won’t always work. And of course, I didn’t know anyone. So if any highschooler is reading this, I would like you to tell few things.
1) Get enough sleep
Sleep is like a luxury for me eversince I entered an architectural school. Everytime I had to sleep late, I inevitably remember myself getting a good night sleep.
2) Develop non academic skills
Learn a new language, learn how to code or maybe engage in simple businesses ’cause eventually, it’ll develop. Non academic skills can come handy especially in university life. Besides, one can make money from skills.
3) Save money
Budgetting in college from high school is far different. And one spends lesser in highschool.
4) Learn how to build connections
This one’s is what I am regretting. I wasn’t the type of student who would talk to anyone, they had to talk to me first. But when I entered college, I knew I had to push myself to talk to an unknown blockmate. It was pretty difficult, but I knew I have so much to learn.

Transitions in life are hard, but it does get better.